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Formations and Tactics for Unmanaged Clubs

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Formations and Tactics for Unmanaged Clubs

Post by Neilr on Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:03 pm


last season we used a system where each unmanaged club was given a random formation and tactic for each game. We will be doing the same again this season. Each club will randomly be given one of 541, 532, 523, 451, 442, 433, 352 or 343 and one of d, l, c, n, p, e, s or a tactic. Each club has a preferred formation and tactic which has a higher chance of being chosen, but this changes with results (if a given combination gets a win then it is more likely to be chosen, if a loss then it is less likely to be chosen). Any of the 64 combinations could be chosen each week though.

This will resume with Round 2 and all unmanaged clubs will be given 442N for the first round.

Current club preferences are:
swn: 442N
wat: 523P
der: 433N
asv: 433A
bri: 523C
cov: 451E
cry: 442N
ful: 433C
she: 451E
sud: 541D


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