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MOTD Future

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MOTD Future Empty MOTD Future

Post by Neilr on Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:44 am

Hi guys,

first a big apology for not getting on here sooner, I hadn't realised just how much time had passed and then wasn't really sure just what i wanted to so.

As you would have realised by now MOTD is currently dormant. The main reason being that the way I was having to use Excel and some of the esms programs together was not working too well - most things 'worked' but not too well. The biggest hassle was the finances where the 'standard' esms finances does some things in dollars and other things in thousands, when I realised this it was just at a bad time to try and figure out how best to proceed due to general business and technical difficulties.

I have now decided that I will redo the finances so I can do it all in Excel (the other option was to cut it back a lot - eg eliminate the facilities and continue with a hybrid setup but that would have taken out  few of the things that make MOTD different to other leagues). This will also mean that other things should be easier to add later on (such as player contracts that existed previously).

This will take a little time to do.

There all I can ask is that you retain your logins and when there is some news I will do a bulk email to registered users, and hopefully there will be enough of interest to make you all want to resume with your teams.

Thanks again for having been part of MOTD, and special thanks to Dave for putting up with my tardiness with things, and hopefully will see you all here again in a few months.


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