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Coaching, coaches

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Coaching, coaches Empty Coaching, coaches

Post by Neilr on Sat Jun 02, 2018 2:03 pm

I have done a coaching run with facilities as they are currently and with coaches as they already existed.

The rosters are still not correctly sorted  due to a (hopefully) minor issue in the Excel spreadsheet with the VBA code that does the update. (ESMS v2.7.3 doesn't seem to do a very good job of it so I am putting it into my Excel add-ons).

Managers can hire one coach for each level of training facility, each coach will add 5 training abs to their nominated skill position to each player on the clubs roster (so a Df coach will add 5 Tk abs to each player each coaching run (weekly). This is in addition to the abs gains from the facilities themselves.

Managers can choose freely the positions for their coaches to specialise in; however to prevent large coaching academies a la OFLM I will be restricting it to no more than three coaches in any one position.
Managers can change positions for their coaches at any time simply by posting in the Staffing section of the Forum. Each club currently has coaches appointed up to their start of season facilities levels.

Each coach has a cost of $2000 pw.

For example a club with a Level 4 Training facility could hire 4 coaches. If they hired one coach for each of Gk, Df, Mf and Fw then each player would get 5 abs from the facility at each position plus an additional 5 abs at each position from the coaches for a total of 10 abs per skill per player.
If instead the manager felt his Gk were already good enough they could hire a second Fw coach instead so each player would get 5 Kabs (from the level 4 facility), 10 Tabs (facility and one coach) 10 Pabs (facility and coach) and 15 Sabs (facility and two coaches).

Please note that the old rules (if anyone other than me has a copy) stated that Assistant Managers gave a coaching bonus; this will no longer apply, they will be for formation and tactics during manager absences only.

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