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Does anyone else here sometimes hate Microsoft? (a rant no need to read)!

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Does anyone else here sometimes hate Microsoft? (a rant no need to read)!

Post by Neilr on Wed May 23, 2018 1:32 pm

Okay its an old computer and not as much disk space as I would like, but yesterday as I was going through the match reports to update the results for the random teamsheets I had one game that wouldn't open because I was out of hard disk space! (had a little on another partition); this appears to be mostly due to space taken up by windows updates (without asking of course).
I freed up some space and managed to do the updates I wanted and a little while later I checked and it was back up to 20 mb free (not having visibly done anything).

Today I switched in on, left it while hurrying the daughters off to bed, came back and found I now have over 1 gb free. Again nothing visible having been done.

The day before I had a notification about updates, mainly I think because they have previously failed, I told it to run the malicious software removal tool which it said would use about half the free disk space I had available, and it stopped downloading part way through because there was no more disk space. Checked and indeed it had left me with zero. Didn't free it up again either when it failed its download.

I just hope they have finished the updates for the month and I get to keep the space for at least a little while.

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Re: Does anyone else here sometimes hate Microsoft? (a rant no need to read)!

Post by Darlington Dave on Wed May 23, 2018 1:49 pm

Firstly I would run defragmenter and see if that sorts out a bit more space. 
I would then go into control panel and look at "Add/Remove Programs" see what is on there and uninstall all the stuff I don't need or don't use.
Finally if you have a small drive as it is an old computer then you can 1 of two things or both.
1)Move you pics/videos if you have any to a flash drive
2) Buy an external drive, you can get a 1TB for around £45 or £500gb £25-£30. I didn't need the space but got one so I could put all my ESMS files on it and so have it with me whether at work or home.
Real Finally back up some stuff to cloud you can get a cloud with google for nothing and store stuff and I suspect with Microsoft as well but you hate them.

OH and I am not keen on Microsoft either as they are a company that just want to rule the world and monopolise everything.
Darlington Dave
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